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Virgin Australia Interline Agreements

Increased amount of free baggage - Interline or codeshare routes With Singapore Airlines and SilkAir: Singapore Airlines and SilkAir enjoy additional privileges for abandoned open baggage. Passengers flying Virgin Australia to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth with regional rex flights can benefit from our Interline checked baggage agreement. They will be able to stay in the same terminal and connect smoothly to their Virgin Australia destination or vice versa, without having to manage their own pockets in between. The registration of the boarding pass and seating is required at Virgin Australia. Can I use online check-in when I use hold baggage to connect with a Virgin Australia flight? No, this feature is not currently available. Standard check-in at the airport is required for the Rex and Virgin Australia areas if you are travelling with checked baggage requiring a transfer between airlines. We are unable to process baggage loading when a passenger has completed the web check-in of their Rex or Virgin Australia flight. Please note that a minimum time of 60 minutes between Rex and Virgin Australia applies. What ports do I connect to virgin Australia? Rex`s six common ports with Virgin Australia are Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth.

Through these six ports, we are able to offer the Rex/Virgin Australia through the checked baggage space. A full list of Virgin Australia-operated areas can be find on Virgin Australia`s destination website. What if I had special needs? (Including medical conditions/requirements, travel with pets or book a child under 12 to travel alone. A list of specific requirements is available here.) For passenger bookings with special needs, you should contact Rex at 13 17 13 to discuss the appropriateness of rerouting your baggage, as not all specific requirements can be met, as stated in the following questions. Can I book my child alone on a Rex/Virgin Australia connection? No, children under the age of 12 travelling alone are considered unaccompanied minors and special conditions apply to their journey. These special conditions mean that unaccompanied minors cannot travel on a Rex/Virgin Australia route. Can I book my pet via a Rex/Virgin Australia connection? No, due to transit time between flights, animals cannot be allowed to travel on a Rex/Virgin Australia route. For customers who carry extra baggage, are the fees charged by both airlines? Over-baggage fees and free baggage are due to each airline. Rex does not offer Interline under any other circumstances through checked baggage.

Like Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia lists the aircraft in its fleet names, which previously contain female names and words related to Australian cities and towns or other typical Australian themes. Recent additions to the fleet have featured names of australia`s famous beaches. Names on virgin Australian planes include "Brissie Lizzie" ("Brissie" is an Australian year-end name for Brisbane and "Lizzie" is slang for Elizabeth), "Sassy Sydney" (Sydney is a female name and the name of Australia`s largest city), "Prue Blue" (with the cautious name and also a pun on the true phrase "blue" meaning "patriotic"), "Tassie Tigress" (with the slang name for Tasmania and the common name for thylacin) and "Mackay-be Diva" (a pun about the town of Mackay, queenland and Makybe Diva, a famous Australian racehorse).

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