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Stelco Nanticoke Collective Agreement

"This was a difficult and difficult process for thousands of workers and retirees. While these agreements are a step forward, there are still hurdles to overcome before Stelco`s restructuring is completed," said Marty Warren, Director of ETC District 6. Stelco Inc. employees in Nanticoke and Hamilton voted in favour of a new collective agreement proposed by potential acquirer Bedrock Industries Group LLC. The 1005 employees were subject to terms of agreement last Wednesday. The main plant at Lake Erie Works voted 86 per cent in favour of the agreement, the Pflicherei lake Erie 89 per cent. The 1005 agreement is not perfect, said Tony DePaulo, assistant director of USW Ontario. But there have been no concessions for current members. "I think there`s been some gains." "These collective agreements are not perfect, but our members have decided that they are the best possible option in a fundamentally unfair system that cannot put the interests of workers, retirees and communities first," Warren said. In a local 1005 press release, it was also noted that the judge who oversaw the sale to Bedrock and was announced in September 2016 suggested that he would not approve the plan until the collective agreements were in place. If he were to unsubscribe on June 9, Stelco could leave CCAA protection this month. Local 1005 presented the agreements to the current steelmakers on Wednesday and will present to retirees on Thursday. Pensioners do not receive a vote, but current steelmakers will vote on June 6.

Voting will take place this week for Local 8782 members representing Nanticoke Wokers. Read: Stelco sale just before possible dissolution, since workers vote on local collective agreements 8782 was chartered for the first time in 1979. With more than 1,100 brothers and sisters working in the Nanticoke Ontario steel industry, we are proud Canadian steel workers and we negotiate for Stelco LEW, Stelco Pickling Division, Harsco and ESM. United Steelworkers Local 1005 has entered into a new collective agreement with Stelco`s pending owner, Bedrock Industries, which removed the last major obstacle in a mega-restructuring contract to free the steelmaker from creditor protection. Nanticoke employees, who own United Steelworkers Local 8782 and work at two plants, voted in favor of the new deal at 86 percent and 89 percent on Friday, while Hamilton employees owned by United Steelworkers Local 1005 voted 64 percent in favor on Tuesday. The new "ETC" agreement was the last essential requirement of the restructuring process. Read: Optimistic union of U.S. steel deal could be a "good final deal" for retirees HAMILTON, NANTICOKE, Ont. - United Steelworkers (ETC) Members of Stelco`s operations have ratified new collective agreements, milestones in the steelmaker`s planning, of nearly three years of bankruptcy protection. Nearly 90 per cent of Local 8782 members in Nanticoke voted in favour of a new collective agreement at the end of last week, while 64 per cent of the approximately 500 union employees at the Hamilton plant in Stelco voted in favour of a new collective agreement on June 6. The union and the city informed the court that they "require disclosure of the transaction contract on that date so that they can participate meaningfully and effectively in the ongoing negotiations and discussions on insolvency protection." 1005 local members will vote on Tuesday on the new collective agreement with their potential future leader.

Union members at the Hamilton and Nanticoke plants, Ont. ratified new collective agreements, removing the last major obstacle to the acquisition of the secular steelmaker by the American holding company Bedrock Industries Group LLC. To young Canadians: All my life, I have worked to make things better. Hope and optimism have determined my political career and I remain optimistic and optimistic about Canada.

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