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Sfdc Agreement

Accelerate the contractual lifecycle with automated document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central repository for seamless collaboration with Salesforce and DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce. Your use of the SFDC platform and service may be immediately discontinued and/or suspended by notification, due to (a) a breach of the terms of this SFDC service agreement by you or a user, (b) the termination or conduct of the reseller`s agreement with the SFDC under which the reseller makes the platform available to them as part of the reseller application and (c) a violation of its obligations to SFDC with respect to the subscriptions it makes available to you under this SFDC service agreement. If you use the reseller app in combination with an SFDC service organization other than Org, which is only available for use with the reseller app (a "common organization"), recognize and understand that (i) access to the app, including the reseller application used in such an organization, may be suspended due to your non-payment to SFDC or another violation of your agreement with SFDC, and (ii) if your relationship with SFDC is terminated due to non-payment or other substantial breach of your contract with SFDC, your platform subscription will also be terminated. In no case will such termination or suspension result in SFDC being liable to them for reimbursement or other compensation. SFDC is a third party beneficiary of the agreement between you and the reseller, which relates exclusively to this SFDC service agreement. We have tried to adapt the treaty, but they have always tried to distort it in their favour. It was always like this: `OK, you want to drop two users, we`re ready to do it. But we have to sign a new loan for another two-year contract for the four users you will keep. "Salesforce Reseller Agreement" refers to Sage People`s agreement with Salesforce that the reseller (as an approved partner of Sage People under such an agreement) will provide you with the platform as part of the reseller application. In the event that the SFDC terminates the contract because the reseller is the subject of a bankruptcy application or other bankruptcies, liquidations or divestitures to creditors or resellers ceases the ordinary current transaction (each of which would be an "End of Operations Event" reseller), SDC will continue to provide you with OEM and SFDC services will not take the steps it has initiated itself. to (a) remove the reseller application of SFDC systems or (b) block your access to the reseller application via OEM services for the remainder of your current order period at the reseller (the "transitional period"), provided that: (i) you pay SFDC in advance for all costs incurred by the SFDC reseller for OEM services on a separate order between you and the SFDC; (ii) they remain in compliance with this SFDC service contract; (iii) You have the legal right to continue your access and use of the reseller application after an end-of-operation event through a written agreement with the dealer or successor in the interest - or as a result - of the end of the transaction event; and (iv) there is no issuing agreement for signing, gathering information, tracking and storing without leaving Salesforce.

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