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Bilateral Agreement Nedir

23. What is an erasmus survey? Student survey: Students are invited to complete the European online survey using the mobility tool. Students whose activities have been completed must complete the questionnaire. 21. What is online language support (OLS)? The European Commission is proposing an online language promotion system for students who benefit from mobility activities for higher education students. Online language support is available in German, French, Dutch, Italian, English, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Greek, Polish (Polish), Portuguese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak. Students who perform foreign mobility activities in these languages are subject to this system. However, no online language support is used for students whose mother tongue is their mother tongue. Online language assistance includes exams that students must take, as well as optional support for online language courses: 19. What are the failure criteria for students participating in Erasmus mobility? 20. What is the temporary reduction in the erasmus mobility of apprenticeships? In cases where it is clearly established that the student has left the institution (city/campaign) where he or she is invited, additional research is required and, if it is established that the student has left the institution for more than 7 (seven) calendar days (including weekends), no grants are paid for the total number of days in question. If the payment has already been made, a refund of the payment is required. 29.

What is the European Credit System (ECTS)? The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a student-centred credit system, based on student workload, and for which students are needed to achieve the objectives expressed by the programme`s projected learning skills and abilities. 30. What is the Intensive Erasmus Course (EYDK) and can I get a scholarship if I apply for this course? Yes, you can get a grant. EYDK is a language course for Erasmus students/teachers in the country where Erasmus students/teachers work to promote second-hand European languages (except For English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). Nominations for these courses are submitted through the Office of International Relations. This course has been abolished with Erasmus. 31. Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the Erasmus intensive language course? No no. Students/members of Erasmus Faculty do not pay a fee to participate in the EYDK. However, depending on the trip and similar preferences made during the course, you may be asked to pay for additional activities.

This course has been abolished with Erasmus. Is there an address where I can explore universities where my 32nd Division can enter into new bilateral agreements? In this context, you can first consult the list of partners on the website of the Office of International Relations. If there is no Erasmus agreement between a school you want to visit and your department, you can contact the Erasmus councillor in your department and submit your request for an agreement.

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