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Avaya Software License Agreement

If the software is legally located in a Member State of the European Union and the end user needs information about the software to achieve the interoperability of software created independently with the software, the end user will first ask Avaya for this information. Avaya may (iii) provide a Shrinkwrap license or (iv) the software is subject to third party conditions. If you have a sales contract signed separately with Avaya, as stated in (i) or (ii) above, this agreement prevails over these software licensing conditions to the extent of a conflict. With respect to third-party elements subject to a Shrinkwrap license or other third-party conditions, the Shrinkwrap license or other third-party conditions prevails over any agreement signed with Avaya and the present software licensing conditions to the extent that they are in conflict. This licensing agreement governs the use of Avaya`s proprietary support and diagnostic tools and documentation. J. Guarantee. Avaya`s Comprehensive Product Guarantee Directive for End-Users, which sets out a limited guarantee for software and software media, as well as applicable procedures, exclusions and exclusions, is available on the following website: support.avaya.com (or a succession website designated by Avaya). NEITHER AVAYA NOR ITS SUPPLIERS MAKE ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, THAT SECURITY THREATS AND VULNERABILITIES WILL BE DETECTED OR SOFTWARE WILL RENDER AN END USER`S NETWORK OR PARTICULAR NETWORK ELEMENTS SAFE FROM INTRUSIONS AND OTHER SECURITY BREACHES. Please note that if you purchase the software from an Avaya Channel partner outside the United States of America or Canada, any warranty will be granted to you by that Avaya Channel partner and not by Avaya. (ii) Non-production grant. For software distributed to you by Avaya for non-production purposes, the scope of the license granted to avaya is to use the software in a non-productive environment only for testing or other non-commercial purposes on a single computer or otherwise designated by Avaya. If you access or use the website, Avaya may process certain data about you, your network and your device (e.B.

email address, phone number, phone number, device ID, IP addresses, location, etc.). Avaya will keep your data confidential and will only use your data for the purposes specified in the notification prior to the collection of personal data or, in other ways, as permitted by current legislation. For more information on the rights of the person concerned or in case of issues related to the handling of Avaya`s personal data, see the documentation, the website`s privacy statement and Avaya`s global website, available at www.avaya.com/en/privacy/website/. The terms and conditions apply to this website (www.avaya.com).13. Avaya support tools, including, but not limited, apply to SLA MON, SAL, ADS, GIS and OIS (together the "tools") are provided by Avaya on a revocable and limited license basis for customers who purchase certain Avaya support offers. 14. Software licensing conditions. With the exception of third-party hardware (which falls under Section 5), any software is that you download from the site (including tools) under the original agreement under which The Avaya software was granted to you, (2) conditions provided to you when downloading or installing the Software, or (3) if no license is available, then Avaya`s corresponding end-user license agreement, as published on support.avaya.com/LicenseInfo (or an estate page named by Avaya) and included in this reference.

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